Shankill Beach at Dusk

December 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last night at dusk, I took the dog for a walk down to the sea through Shanganagh Park to the end of Quinn’s Road in Shankill. At the steps down to the beach, the high tide was being pushed well in by an onshore swell. I had my pocket camera, the Panasonic LF1 - but I had left my recently acquired gorillapod at home so I improvised by bracing the camera on the railings. Despite the four second exposure, I was able to keep the railings sharp in the centre  – albeit at the expense of a tilted horizon due to the angle of the camera’s perch. However, that and other adjustments were easily done in Lightroom, especially as I shot in RAW - one of the big advantages of a pocket camera over mobile phone. The LF1 also has a wide aperture of f2 at the wide end of 28mm (full frame equivalent) which meant I could shoot at ISO 400.  I finished it off by adding vibrance, contrast, grain and a vignette – a dystopian look is great for covering a multitude of faults – such as the  double exposure of the Bray Head skyline!! 



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