DONATE to Goal Mile in Shanganagh Park

December 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of Ireland’s best known Christmas charity events, the Goal Mile, was in Shanganagh Park in Shankill this Christmas Day - organized by Dom Horan of the Bray Runners. I went along to take a few shots and I’m making high resolution versions of these available HERE. The password to download them is donatetogoal. So, if you like the shots of you or yours, please donate to support Goal’s global mission covering emergency response, health, and protection of children & livelihoods. Any amount is welcome but can I suggest €5 or €10 per shot – or more if you can. Here’s a few of my faves – and you can see the full gallery HERE. And if there are no shots of you . . . well you could just donate to Goal anyway!

I’ve also uploaded a gallery of low res versions to Facebook – please share and tag these so that as many people as possible see the shots and donate to Goal. Did I mention that you can download the high res versions HERE to archive, print etc. – remember the password is donatetogoal. OK, I think you should have it by now! Happy New Year!! 158-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney158-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney


020-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney020-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 035-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney035-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 038-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney038-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 040-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney040-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 050-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney050-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 053-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney053-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 058-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney058-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 066-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney066-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 076-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney076-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 081-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney081-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 095-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney095-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 111-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney111-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 119-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney119-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 127-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney127-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 147-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney147-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney 156-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney156-Goal-Mile-by-John-Coveney


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