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February 25, 2016  •  4 Comments

Words Are All We Have - Samuel Beckett.

Here's two shots of this month's full Moon setting over Dublin's Docklands during an early morning visit  last Tuesday 23 February. The shoot was planned with The Photographers Ephemeris and Google Maps. Given the location, of course, it would have been just rude to look at the map offerings from Bill or Steve :-) There is usually parking at both locations - at these hours anyway! There is a safe public footpath across the lock gates to Hanover Quay- safe in both an engineering sense and socially in that, despite the inner city location, there's lots of people living around the Grand Canal Dock nowadays -aka Silicon Docks. So there are walkers and joggers at all hours. There also appears to be someone living in the Waterways Ireland house at the lock gates. 

For tripod shots of the Samuel Beckett Bridge, the north (lifting) side of the East Link Bridge is very shaky, especially when trucks are going over - but the southern side is much more solid. Take care also not to hinder pedestrians on the narrow footpath with your gear. There's no parking on the vehicular approaches to the East Link - park instead on Thorncastle Street.



Here's The Photographer's Ephemeris plot of the Samuel Beckett shot - the mid blue line show the Moon's direction from my position on the East Link Bridge (red pin) at shot time. The dark blue line show its position at moonset and the grey line show the distance to the grey pin - 923m.


The first shot over the Grand Canal Basin was taken at 6.58am for five seconds at f11, ISO 100 at 55 mm using a Canon EFS 17-55mm lens on a Canon 7D mark II mounted on a tripod.

001-Docklands-Moon ©-John-Coveney-2016001-Docklands-Moon ©-John-Coveney-2016

The second shot of the Samuel Beckett Bridge was taken at 7.20am for 1/6th of a second at f11 and ISO 200 at 163 mm using a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 lens on a Canon 7D mark II mounted on a tripod.

Both were developed from Raw files in Lightroom.

001-Beckets-Moon ©-John-Coveney-2016001-Beckets-Moon ©-John-Coveney-2016


John Coveney Photography - People Places & Wildlife
John, you'r welcome. John C
John Hickey(non-registered)
I really like the shot with the Samuel Beckett Bridge. Thanks for the info on camera settings.
John Coveney Photography - People Places & Wildlife
Rob, thanks for comment - Not a blood moon - just the morning glow.
Hi John
Great shots, was the Beckett bridge shot a blood moon or is it just the morning glow of sunrise ? It looks much larger than normal also but TPE says moon was 99.7%

Btw, I cycled across the Eastlink about 8.05, had no idea what I missed
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