Flickr Nostaligia

June 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Flickr was perhaps THE photo app of the noughties - and between 2010 and 2012 my shots regularly appeared in the Explore pages - i.e. one of 500 most popular uploads from the millions each day. I use Flickr much less  nowadays and unfortunately I don't have much time to interact with my Flickr friends - one of the ways to have a better chance of getting a shot Explored. So it was a nice surprise to see this shot of Georgina from the Races in Navan last Sat popping up in Explore this morning. 

010-Navan-Ladies by John Coveney-©-2016-John-Coveney010-Navan-Ladies by John Coveney-©-2016-John-Coveney

Of course once a shot gets into Explore, it is seen by a much wider audience and as I write this there are regular faved notifications coming thru on the phone. It's far from "breaking the internet " but it's always great to get positive feedback on shot! Here is thumbnail composite of previous Explored shots - or click here to browse through them.


* I'm not quite sure why Scout - the Explore tracking app, shows a few shots appearing twice!


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