Dublin's 2013 Flightfest

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I’m planning to get to the Bray Air Display this weekend for the first time since 2010, so I decided to finally finish editing my shots from the Dublin Flightfest back in 2013.  As I write this, I can hear the planes doing their scouting runs over Shankill. On the day before last year’s show, I was working away in the office and I had forgotten all about it until I had the shi  . . . ahem living daylights . . . scared out of me when military jets did an ear-splitting rooftop run over the area. For a few seconds I was cowering under the desk thinking . . .  WTF??? . . . am I really going to shuffle off this mortal coil because a plane crashes on my house??? Of course I felt a bit foolish when the penny dropped – I’m glad I didn’t let off a rant to the Irish Aviation Authority!

Anyway back to the Flightfest. Like most other people, I started on the quays and like everyone else, I was getting shots mostly from directly below the aircraft.   I did manage a few side on views as they turned away from the Liffey over the Southside. Here are the best of these starting off with an A320, I think, from Aer Lingus.

001-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney001-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney 002-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney002-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

Next  the Air Corp’s helicopters.

003-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney003-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney 004-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney004-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney



Most of the Irish Air Force!


CASA fisheries protection plane.


City Jet’s four-engined commuter aircraft the BAE-146 “Whisperjet”.


One of DHL’s delivery jets. 

006-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney006-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney 007-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney007-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

Hercules L100-30 Oil spill response plane.

008-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney008-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney 009-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney009-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

Not sure who these lads are!


As I said earlier, I wasn’t so keen on looking up the planes bums, so I walked towards Ringsend and the Grand Canal Docks for some side on views. Here’s Ryanair over Ringsend Church – followed by the Coastguard rescue helicopter.

011-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney011-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney 012-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney012-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

PBY-5A Catalina - Miss Pickup – built in 1943! 013-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney013-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

Sally B Flying Fortress from 1945 - check out the pilot's face!


Etihad Airbus A350. 015-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney015-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney 016-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney016-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

And finally here’s Airbus’s giant A380 double decker. Despite its fame as the world’s biggest airliner, its commercial viability is on a knife edge. This is due to mechanical problems, the higher costs of four-engined versus increasingly reliable twin-engined aircraft, and the preference of customers for higher frequencies of flights on a route that are best served by smaller jets. 017-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney017-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney 018-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney018-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

The pale dot in the rear cockpit window is a face! 019-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney019-2013-Flightfest-Dublin-©-2016-John-Coveney

Heading into the sunset?



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