SCAN Photography Series

October 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

UPDATE 6 November 2017:- I've now completed the third article - this deals with editing your shots on your phone and provides a few more shooting tips. Check out the published versions of all articles to date here along with higher resolution versions of the shots and additional material that was not included in the print version for space reasons. You can also download a PDF version of the entire series here.

It was great to be asked recently to write a photography series for my local community magazine, the SCAN, or Shankill Community Association News. I've done two articles now - dealing mainly with phone photography because virtually everyone has a phone camera with them nowadays.  If you are not in the SCAN distribution area, you can read the articles and see my shots for them on my website here. It was also great to see my autumnal shot of the local Anglican church in Rathmichael from last November chosen as the cover shot of the current October issue of the SCAN.

I've also set up a new Facebook group, Shankill Photography, for local photographers of all levels to chat, ask questions and share shots. 



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