Another Day - Another "Storm"

February 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Storm Doris was probably still blowing somewhere over Europe when news of her successor, Ewan started popping up in my feeds. Ewan's strongest winds tracked along the south coast of Ireland so it was just a windy Sunday in Dublin. With the wind direction from the south west and a high tide due around 11.30am - about the same time as the wind peaked - I knew there would be an opportunity to get some good shots at the Wooden Bridge between Clontarf and the Bull Island - and I wasn't disappointed!


I was happy enough to drive my ancient jeep through the sheets of salty spray in to get into position - but it never fails to amaze me how many people will drive their flash motors through such conditions - not to mention the numbers of walkers, cyclists and dogs willing to get soaked . . . actually, I suppose the dogs didn't have a choice! Just as I was setting up with the Canon 70-200mm lens - safely tucked up warm and dry in my jeep, a guy and his kid cycled across. It's probably just as well that I didn't get that shot as I would have had to decide if I should send it to social services :-)

001-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney001-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 002-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney002-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 003-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney003-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 004-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney004-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 005-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney005-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 006-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney006-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 007-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney007-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 008-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney008-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 010-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney010-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 011-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney011-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 012-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney012-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 013-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney013-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney 014-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney014-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney

It wasn't all drama and waves though - the spray also made a fab low rainbow! 015-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney015-Storm-Ewan-Dublin--©2016-John-Coveney


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