Gale at The Great South Wall in Poolbeg, in Co. Dublin

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It was a bit wild at the Great South Wall in Poolbeg in Co. Dublin during the southeasterly gale and 4.0m high tide this afternoon! Updated 9 Feb 2017



These shots taken from the shelter of the steps on the  north side of the blockhouse at the base of the pier - be prepared to get get VERY WET from spray on the way out  in these conditions!! I used my backup 17-85mm Canon lens and my old Canon 7D Mark1 - no way I was using my best gear in today! The settings were f5.6, ISO 1600 at focal lengths of 22-26mm in aperture priority. As the light varied as shower clouds came and went, the shutter speeds ranged from 1/640th to 1/3,200th of a second. Had I used f11 instead of f5.6 I might have got the lighthouse a bit sharper but I had the camera and lens wrapped up in a rain sleeve similar to this, and it was just too difficult in the conditions to be messing with settings! 03-Poolbeg-Gale-©-2016-John-Coveney03-Poolbeg-Gale-©-2016-John-Coveney

Calmer conditions in March 2012 with the 100-400mm at 250mm at f11 &ISO 200 on the tripod. 04-Poolbeg-Gale-©-2016-John-Coveney04-Poolbeg-Gale-©-2016-John-Coveney

Updated on 9 Feb 2017 with screenshots of press usage

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