Save Bulloch Harbour!

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Bulloch (or Bullock) Harbour between Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey is one of my favourite shooting locations so I'm upset by a planning application to replace the former Western Marine premises on the inner pier with a massive apartment and housing complex. There has been a big campaign against this proposal and I got my objection in last month with the following points:-

"I am not against the redevelopment of the site in principle but the nature and scale of the proposed development raises serious concerns for me as follows:

  1. It would interfere with the traditional boating and fishing activities and infrastructure of the harbour.
  2. It would interfere with the existing public access to the area – one of the few spots along this heavily developed coast where there is public access. On this point, I note the level of public access to the coast was considerably reduced with the loss of the Dalkey Island Hotel to apartments at Coliemore Harbour some years back. This public access is very important for families, walkers, swimmers, photographers, nature lovers etc.
  3. The scale of the development is much too large in the context of the existing building and uses.
  4. It would be exposed to north easterly gales and storms."

I illustrated my objection with photographs I've taken there over nearly ten years. Hopefully the planners in Dun Laoaghaire Rathdown Co. Council will bin this daft proposal - and the developers will replace it with something much smaller that fits into the existing scale of the Harbour. Given the Harbour is surrounded by dense suburbia, surely the traditional and public use of this small but stunning Harbour can be maintained. In any case, if there is an appeal to An Bord Pleanala, now that I have my objection in at the local level, I'll be able to have my say.


Sunset panoramic view of the Harbour on 3 Apr 2013 – showing the existing scale of the site.



Another View of the Harbour on 3 Apr 2013 – showing the existing scale of the site.



Gulls at the Harbour on a wet day on 16 Aug 2008



A Cormorant at the Harbour on 28 March 2009



If "Crabs Could Fly" the Irish Photographic Federation "Nature Photograph of the Year" in 2014 (taken 2 March 2011)



Grey Seals at Bulloch Harbour on 8 Nov 2010




Use of Bulloch Harbour by Boats on 16 Aug 2008



"Bringing in the Catch" at Bulloch Harbour on 11 Dec 2016.



“Saving the Boats” during a northeast gale at Bulloch Harbour on 30 Dec 2009


“Have a Seat” – during a northeast gale at Bulloch Harbour on 30 Dec 2009


"Pilot View” – during a northeast gale at Bulloch Harbour on 30 Dec 2009



 “Have a Seat 2” – during a northeast gale at Bulloch Harbour on 30 Dec 2009


Northeast gale at Bulloch Harbour on 9 Nov 2010



Northeast gale at Bulloch Harbour on 11 Mar 2013



Bulloch Harbour during the big snow on 24 Dec 2010



Hire boats at Bulloch Harbour during the big snow on 24 Dec 2010 (when they are not in use during the winter, they are stored on the pier).



The blue cottage at Bulloch Harbour during the big snow 24 Dec 2010. The sheds to the left are part of the former Western Marine premises. The cottage would be dwarfed by the proposed development.



Colourful scout and fishing sheds at Bulloch Harbour during the big snow 24 Dec 2010 - these would be lost if the proposed development goes ahead.



Nocturnal view of the Bulloch Harbour hire boats during the big snow on 20 Dec 2010.



“A Rock of a Man” at Bulloch Harbour 29 Aug 2016



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