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Keywords:Adrienne Harrington, Ailish McElroy, Aisling Smith, Ann O'Brien, Co. Dublin, Dawn Theron, Dun Laoghaire, Elaine Bury, Epiphany Demeanor, Georgina Garford, Georgina Heffernan, Hair by Colette Brocklebank, Ireland, Jassette Freeman, John Coveney Photography, Laura O'Kane, Linda Morrison, Lute al-Raad, Mairead Nic Gabhann, Makeup by Amanda Hynes Johnson, Malvina, Melissa Hayward, Orla Cronin, Royal Marine Hotel, Sarah Halpin, Styling by Irene O'Brien, Suy Cunha, The Dionnes, Vintage Ireland, vintage,

04-Ailish McElroy by JCoveney01-Ailish McElroy by JCoveney02-Ailish McElroy by JCoveney03-Ailish McElroy by JCoveney01-The Dionnes by JCoveney02-The Dionnes by JCoveney03-The Dionnes by JCoveney04-The Dionnes by JCoveney05-The Dionnes by JCoveney06-The Dionnes by JCoveney07-The Dionnes by JCoveney01-Epiphany Demeanour by John Coveney02-Epiphany Demeanour by John Coveney03-Epiphany Demeanour by John Coveney04-Epiphany Demeanour by John Coveney05-Epiphany Demeanour by John Coveney06-Epiphany Demeanour by John Coveney07-Epiphany Demeanour by John Coveney01-Laura O'Kane by John Coveney02-Laura O'Kane by John Coveney