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Cuala Mini-All-Ireland Parade

July 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It was great to be asked by Cuala GAA - the best sports club in Ireland according to the Irish Times - to photograph their annual Mini-All-Ireland on 25 June last. The Mini-All-Ireland is the end of season tournament for their Academy players between five and eight years old.  The day starts with a parade from the Sue Ryder Foundation through Dalkey's Castle street and finishes as the Club's grounds at Hyde Park. The shots in this post give a flavour of the parade and the the following two posts will focus on the players, and then the people at the event. All my shots from the day and previous Cuala events can be seen here.


It was great to have a fine day as everyone assembled in their teams and age groups at the start point.

001-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney001-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney 002-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney002-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Sponsors are vital for voluntary activities such as the GAA.

003-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney003-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney As are the Gardai to clear the traffic!


And a piper to lead the parade! 005-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney005-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

This why the streets have to be cleared!


Spectators old and young - but there's no escaping the political events of the week!


Moving pictures as well! 008-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney008-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Parading on Castle Street


And here's the Castle! 010-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney010-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Another of the Cuala Academy's sponsors. 011-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney011-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Minister Mary Mitchell O'Connor TD.


Heading down Hyde Road. 013-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney013-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Of course I had to get Cork in somewhere . . . our day will come again . . . won't it . . . surely . . . please?? 014-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney014-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Brothers in Arms


Lining up in Hyde Park 016-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney016-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Hammering in the flag poles.


Raising the flags. 018-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney018-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

Trophies for everyone! 019-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney019-Blog-Cuala-MAI2016-parade-©-2016-John-Coveney

I'm sticking with Cuala!


Playing the National Anthem - Amhrán na bFhiann.


Check back over the next few days for parts 2 and 3 of this blog post - the players and the people.


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